Tire specs
OEM tires: (800x245mm). Big Hub. Bolt pattern: 8x170. Offset: 10 to 20 mm. Tires up to 840x285mm. Rims up to 26x10.0".     Show what fits
Hankook Ventus ST RH06 Hankook tires Hankook Ventus ST RH06
High Performance
17 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  255/50R17 ( 688x255, 27.1x10.0 )  17x7.5 to 17x9.5   $184.03 each  buy 
  275/60R17 ( 762x275, 30.0x10.8 ) 110V  17x8.0 to 17x10.5   $184.58 each  buy 
18 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  295/45R18 ( 723x295, 28.5x11.6 )  18x9.0 to 18x11.0   $259.91 each  buy 
20 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  275/40R20 ( 728x275, 28.7x10.8 )  20x8.5 to 20x10.5   $185.95 each  buy 
  295/45R20 ( 774x295, 30.5x11.6 )  20x9.0 to 20x11.0   $210.21 each  buy 
22 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  265/40R22 ( 771x265, 30.4x10.4 )  22x8.0 to 22x10.0   $238.56 each  buy 
  275/45R22 ( 807x275, 31.8x10.8 )
Correct size for F-250 2WD.
 22x8.0 to 22x10.5   $238.20 each  buy 

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