Tire specs
OEM tires: (621x185mm). Bolt pattern: 4x100. Offset: 40 to 50 mm. Tires up to 641x215mm. Rims up to 19x8.0".     Show what fits
Nitto NeoGen Nitto tires Nitto NeoGen
Ultra High Performance All-Season
Experience the Art of Tire with Neo Gen. Neo Gen`s unique asymmetrical tread pattern is an art in motion designed to perform. This perfectly balanced combination of technology and art suits the most demanding automotive enthusiast.
15 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  205/50R15 ( 587x205, 23.1x8.1 )  15x5.5 to 15x7.5   $115.46 each  buy 
17 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  205/40ZR17 ( 596x205, 23.5x8.1 )  17x6.0 to 17x7.5   $127.64 each  buy 
  215/40R17 ( 604x215, 23.8x8.5 )
Correct size for Versa. Tires are 17 mm shorter than OEM.
 17x6.0 to 17x8.0   $140.92 each  buy 
18 " options
Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
  205/40R18 ( 621x205, 24.4x8.1 )
Correct size for Versa.
 18x6.0 to 18x7.5   $172.74 each  buy 
  215/40R18 ( 629x215, 24.8x8.5 )
Correct size for Versa.
 18x6.0 to 18x8.0   $180.03 each  buy 
  225/40R18 ( 637x225, 25.1x8.9 )  18x6.5 to 18x8.5   $151.71 each  buy 
  235/40R18 ( 645x235, 25.4x9.3 )  18x7.0 to 18x9.0   $163.96 each  buy 

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