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    Tire specs
    To find out what fits - specify your vehice:
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    Sumitomo tiresSumitomo HTR Z III
    Max Performance
    Five rib asymmetric tread pattern merges cornering with straight line stability. Long lateral grooves evacuate water from the center of the footprint. Four straight, wide grooves further heighten drainage for improved wet performance.
    17 " options
    Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
      205/50R17 ( 638x205, 25.1x8.1 )  17x5.5 to 17x7.5   $123.10 each  buy 
      215/45R17 ( 626x215, 24.6x8.5 )  17x6.0 to 17x8.0   $114.94 each  buy 
      225/45R17 ( 634x225, 25.0x8.9 )  17x6.5 to 17x8.5   $116.51 each  buy 
      235/45R17 ( 644x235, 25.4x9.3 )  17x7.0 to 17x9.0   $113.67 each  buy 
      245/45R17 ( 652x245, 25.7x9.6 )  17x7.0 to 17x9.0   $139.53 each  buy 
    18 " options
    Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
      215/40R18 ( 629x215, 24.8x8.5 )  18x6.0 to 18x8.0   $170.18 each  buy 
      225/40R18 ( 637x225, 25.1x8.9 ) 92Y  18x6.5 to 18x8.5   $180.55 each  buy 
      225/45R18 ( 659x225, 25.9x8.9 )  18x6.5 to 18x8.5   $137.48 each  buy 
      235/40R18 ( 645x235, 25.4x9.3 )  18x7.0 to 18x9.0   $159.20 each  buy 
      245/40R18 ( 653x245, 25.7x9.6 )  18x7.0 to 18x9.0   $196.12 each  buy 
      245/45R18 ( 677x245, 26.7x9.6 )  18x7.0 to 18x9.0   $185.70 each  buy 
      255/35R18 ( 635x255, 25.0x10.0 )  18x7.5 to 18x9.5   $216.95 each  buy 
      255/40R18 ( 661x255, 26.0x10.0 )  18x7.5 to 18x9.5   $171.14 each  buy 
      255/45R18 ( 687x255, 27.0x10.0 )  18x7.5 to 18x9.5   $165.28 each  buy 
      265/35R18 ( 643x265, 25.3x10.4 )  18x8.0 to 18x10.0   $220.91 each  buy 
      265/40R18 ( 669x265, 26.3x10.4 )  18x8.0 to 18x10.0   $169.79 each  buy 
      275/35R18 ( 649x275, 25.6x10.8 )  18x8.5 to 18x10.5   $190.76 each  buy 
      275/40R18 ( 677x275, 26.7x10.8 )  18x8.5 to 18x10.5   $226.70 each  buy 
      285/30R18 ( 629x285, 24.8x11.2 )  18x9.0 to 18x10.5   $187.44 each  buy 
      285/35R18 ( 657x285, 25.9x11.2 )  18x9.0 to 18x10.5   $222.15 each  buy 
      295/30R18 ( 635x295, 25.0x11.6 )  18x9.5 to 18x11.0   $233.30 each  buy 
    19 " options
    Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
      235/35R19 ( 647x235, 25.5x9.3 )  19x7.0 to 19x9.0   $175.78 each  buy 
      245/35R19 ( 655x245, 25.8x9.6 )  19x7.5 to 19x9.0   $170.01 each  buy 
      245/40R19 ( 679x245, 26.7x9.6 )  19x7.0 to 19x9.0   $235.05 each  buy 
      245/45R19 ( 703x245, 27.7x9.6 )  19x7.0 to 19x9.0   $185.23 each  buy 
      255/35R19 ( 661x255, 26.0x10.0 )  19x7.5 to 19x9.5   $227.28 each  buy 
      255/40R19 ( 687x255, 27.0x10.0 )  19x7.5 to 19x9.5   $225.49 each  buy 
      275/30R19 ( 649x275, 25.6x10.8 )  19x8.5 to 19x10.5   $233.71 each  buy 
      275/40R19 ( 703x275, 27.7x10.8 )  19x8.5 to 19x10.5   $207.63 each  buy 
    20 " options
    Tire Size Rim Sizes Price
      245/40R20 ( 704x245, 27.7x9.6 )  20x7.0 to 20x9.0   $165.58 each  buy 
      255/35R20 ( 686x255, 27.0x10.0 )  20x7.5 to 20x9.5   $150.93 each  buy 
      275/30R20 ( 674x275, 26.5x10.8 )  20x8.5 to 20x10.5   $199.87 each  buy 
      275/35R20 ( 700x275, 27.6x10.8 )  20x8.5 to 20x10.5   $192.99 each  buy 
      285/30R20 ( 680x285, 26.8x11.2 )  20x9.0 to 20x10.5   $208.84 each  buy 

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    Wheel/tire packages come mounted and balanced, with all necessary hardware included, ready to bolt on.

    TPMS sensors
    are available as an option in the Shopping Cart. .

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